How does the training goes in the first online IT-University SEDIСOMM

Start. Let’s go!

Become acquainted with your curator
and teachers-instructors.

Access to the online learning system is
opened for you.

Join up to the group of your course.

Knowledge is easy

Where to study? Where is the access to the Internet. Online lectures 2 times a week at convenient evening time.

You can ask questions directly to the instructor. After each lecture you receive a fresh recording of the lesson.

Also you receive an online multimedia tutorial in 8 languages – this is an additional opportunity to learn English for IT.

After each topic of the course you check your knowledge with the help of online exams. Each exam can be taken three times. We recommend that you first take the course (lessons) in English, the second time in a more convenient language for you, and the third time again in English. Be sure, you will understand the material in a unique way.

Motivation and Support

Specially designed for students coaching program that helps you to learn with pleasure and reach the end.

You will learn how to learn, allocating a minimum of time and training, to get maximum effect. Each student has his own curator (coach), who will not let leave chosen way.

Teamwork with classmates leads to getting skills (soft skills), popular on the IT market. Your training results strengthen the game mechanics  of the program and the spirit of healthy competition.

Real Practice

Practice on real Cisco equipment every week. For convenience, we plan the same practice for 3 days: Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. You can do 1 laboratory work all 3 times.

Moreover, you can use the equipment during the week. How? You just book the time and connect to it online through a special platform. Or you can come to our coworking space.

International certification

Each course prepares you for industry certification, which is internationally recognized. We give a discount of 20% to 85% for passing the exam for a certificate. The discount amount depends on the ranking of your training on the course.

At the end of the course you take the internal final examination. By this time you are so trained, that you are confident in your abilities before passing the exam for an international certificate. 95% of our students receive it.

Next step – you go to an independent center for international certification and successfully pass the exams there. You are getting certificate sent by mail and you can become a good specialist around the world.

Interesting job and good salary

100% of our students are employed. The program integrates a training course on employment in the IT field. As a result, students are able to correctly create CV, write a cover letter and know how to behave in an interview. As a result, for example, 10% of the engineers of the Cisco Global Support Center in Krakow (Poland) – our graduates.

Students take part in specialized international olympiads, incubators, internships and other opportunities of market leaders. We directly recommend them for companies and conduct events in the format of the presentation of the employer + free communication with potential employees. Events are broadcast online – you can sit at home and understand what employer are need from you.