SEDICOMM (Self Development in infocommunications) University of new generation – online platform, which is designed to develop responsibility and skills of timely adaptation to a world that is changing rapidly.

Our mission

To train technical and creative thinking of people who are willing to develop and act, to support them and help find an interesting, well-paid job in the best companies.


We were students also. We know what is substandard education, that is absolutely not practicable in real life. In our experience we saw how the education system collapses from the inside and prevents a personal development.
It is important for us that people realize their potential on interesting work, and receive income that will be enough for a quality life.
Our university is not only gives profile knowledge and practice. Also students train personal qualities and form skills, which employers appreciate. Thats how we create specialists, that the best companies wants to have in their teams.

Our conception

In order the mission achievement, we have developed an education system based on experience and training programs of the worlds leading IT companies. Our students receive knowledge and skills, that are used now and will be in great demand soon.
Our students do not obtain state-recognized certification, that are of little interest to the modern employer. Graduates receive international certificates, which are advantage in finding employment.


Usually 2 months after the start of the training our students get a decent job or get promoted. Our graduates hold top positions in the filed of IT. Then they often turn to us for new talented employees for their team.